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Title: In Motion Artist: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross 203 plays

In Motion - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network)

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The internet is not written in pencil, Mark, It’s written in ink, and you published that Erica Albright was a bitch, right before you made some ignorant crack about my family’s name, my bra size, and then rated women based on their hotness. You write your snide bullshit from a dark room because that’s what the angry do nowadays. I was nice to you. Don’t torture me for it.

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The Social Network, 2010 (dir. David Fincher)

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Tilt shift in The Social Network, David Fincher 2010
Cinematography by Jeff Cronenweth

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I was drunk and angry and stupid… and blogging.

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The scene with Rooney where she finds out that he’s blogged about her. She’s so economical and I felt, watching her, this is somebody who’s going to make a big impression in a very short amount of screen time. - David Fincher (The Social Network Commentary)

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I was drunk, and angry, and stupid… and Blogging.” 
- The Social Network (2010)

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I wrote the ‘necrophilia’ line. Because I like to get the word ‘necrophilia’ in a PG-13 movie whenever possible. I think it’s one of those things were you sort of owe it to yourself, as a filmmaker and as a content provider.

David Fincher

From the audio commentary in ‘The Social Network’. It’s about the lines when Eduardo says ”it’s better to be accused of necrophilia than of animal cruelty.”

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The Internet’s not written in pencil, it’s written in ink.

We could only shoot 3 races at the Henley Royal Regatta; We had to shoot 4 days of boat inserts in Eton. The only way to make the date for release was to make the backgrounds as soft as humanly possible. I decided it might be more “subjective” if the world around the races fell away in focus, leaving the rowers to move into and out of planes of focus to accentuate their piston-like effort.

David Fincher

You write your snide bullshit from a dark room because that’s what the angry do nowadays.

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