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Title: My Song 5 Artist: Haim 2,963 plays

"Conor Oberst has spent the last 20 years building a body of work that drew from the great pantheon of American blues and folk music artists and made a virtue of gabby, emotionally-direct lyrics. What made Oberst stand out from his peers was not just his youth — he was just 15 when he began recording as Bright Eyes — but also his melodic gifts…”The Rolling Stone

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Title: Post Acid Artist: Wavves 10 plays

Wavves - Post Acid

Title: Afraid of Heights Artist: Wavves 18 plays

Wavves - Afraid of Heights

Enemy (2014)  

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Title: You're the Doctor Artist: Ty Segall 4 plays

Ty Segall - You’re the Doctor

Your hiding place isn’t watertight. Life trickles in everywhere, and you’re forced to react. No one asks if it’s true, if you’re genuine or false. Such questions matter only in the theatre, and hardly there either. 

Persona | dir. Ingmar Bergman (1966)

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Léa Seydoux - Prada Candy Florale Perfume - 2014

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And that’s how I live now.

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Lauren Cohan - Refinery29 - October 2013

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